Saturday, January 1, 2011

Java User Group - Chennai JUGChennai Unconference meet, 1st January 2011 at Adams Studio India

Adams Studio India
Naihaa Building,Gandhi Nagar, I'st Main Road
Chennai, India 600020

JVM Langauges – Rajmahendra

10:10AM Program started with Devraj talk on Flex and Java
10:30AM Talk on JVM Langauges. Why JVM Languages, Idea behind, Pros and Cons,Different types of Languages and introduction Gorrvy, Scala, JRuby, Fantom. JavaFX Script
11:30AM Product of JVM Languages Grails,Gradle, Lift, Tales
12:30PM Grails and Grails Demo

Though it was new year, we got a good number of members and a healthy discussons on many JVM Languages.

Thanks to Devaraj whos creativ idea broght a nice event in first day of the year.

Jan 01 2011 a quick summary - by Arul
A Fresh year and a nice gang who are open to join and discuss
technology on the new year eve, and the topic
was so apt, new age thinking how we could change the way how we code
Thanks to Raj for picking up that topic where he presented information
on various JVM languages.
Key Notes
1. Change from the old school philosophy
2. Let the compiler work for us and not the other way around
What does this mean?
Are we replacing java as a language? - No
It's basically changing the mindset and looking a little deep into
what we are doing, let's look at some simple things what we do
In Java every line should end with ';' do we really need this?
the for loop structure is it really essential?
why java is thinking about closure?
why java came up with autoboxing?
why java came up with annotation?
These are simple but really questions which has resulted in the birth
of many JVM languages. How will the change happen?
We all know that .java compiles into .class - the language can be
anything as long as we can compile it into .class isn't it.
That means we can build some simple and easy to develop languages age
old lexiccal way, why can't the code be simple as it is
Enough talking just a small example
Java Way
public class HelloWorld
public static void main(String[] args){
String name = "world";
System.out.println("Hello" + name);

The new way (using groovy)
def name='World'; println "Hello $name!"
isn't it simple.
What are the various languages and tools we have, we will request Raj
to share the Power Point to us.
Few questions which were discussed?
1. Can this replace java - No, both are 2 philosophy (coding logic) focus on addressing same result (.class) JVM langages come up with a different thought to make Java simple. yet. we are not breaking the eco-system of our planet Java
2. Will this affect performance - Depends or how better the language convert into .class. may be some language do have issues today but all are evolving day by day.
3. Is it ready for production use - Depends on how critical the requirement are. Languages/framework are still evolving in their credibility on the system today. Still there are many Case studies available for each languages you can find them in the language website.

I let other's to add somemore, community ethics :-)
Thanks to Raj for the nice presentation and Devraj (like thalapathi
mamooty) for organizing and for all the participants, together we can
share and create a new way for us, join and pass the information to
all your friends

Thanks arul for a nice narration.

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